Jan Karström

  • Senior Project Manager


Very experienced project manager with a solid IT background, certified as PMI-PMP®, Professional Scrum Master, ITIL® and holder of a number of technical certificates within the Microsoft domain. Have been focusing on project management in combination with IT consulting for more than twenty years, covering a variety of business areas such as retail, telecom, CAD/GIS, oil & gas, manufacturing, e-business, traffic & transportation, public sector, power, pharmaceuticals and medical technology. An articulate and diplomatic communicator with excellent presentation skills that thrives in the interface between numerous stakeholders. Have delivered several successful global projects drawing on a wide-ranging technical and business experience. Have earned very good client relationships and is perceived as bringing confidence to the job.


Pronounced communication skills
Organized and structured with an eye for alternative solutions to challenges
Very strong understanding of business needs

Konsultens CV

  • IKEA

    2017 -

    Project Manager

    Project Manager for three projects: (1) Feasibility Study on using SmartIT within Incident Management, (2) design, development and inplementation of new functionality in BMC Remedy and (3) roll-out of new versions of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware.

  • IKEA

    2016 - 17

    IT Project Manager

    IT Project Manager for a prestudy with the ambition to select and implement an end-to-end solution for recruitment of candidates while tracking every stage of the candidate lifecycle.

  • SONY Mobile

    2014 - 16

    Project Manager

    Project Manager for a new global solution targeted for 20 countries to enable a world-wide travel & expense cloud-based solution (Concur/SAP) to reduce inefficiencies and eliminate cost drivers. Project responsibilities include vendor management, development integrations with back-end systems, test planning and execution, establishment of SLA and training of super users and users. Teams in Sweden, Japan and China plus IBM resources in India.

  • Altran

    2012 - 13

    Business Specialist

    Development of a public sector business orffering based on the OAIS (Open Archival Information System) standard, ISO 14721.

  • Biora Straumann

    2012 - 12

    Project Manager

    Project manager and advisor in a project aiming to prepare the organization for an upcoming FDA inspection. Only top management representatives included in project team. The project has developed a process from FDA 21 CFR 820 in combination with QSIT (Quality System Inspection Technique) to create checklists that are expected to detect potential gaps in the quality system. Project objective also include gap remediation.

  • E.On

    2012 - 12

    Project Manager

    Project manager role for the transition and merging of application and service management functions for a Sharepoint 2010 system platform on behalf of a major power company.

  • AstraZeneca

    2011 - 12

    Quality Specialist and Advisor

    Specialist and advisory role in a project aiming to decommissioning regulatory compliant global applications that had been live for almost 20 years, thus accumulating huge amounts of documentation. Drawing on valuable experience from site closure in Lund, processes for identifying, selecting and preparing key documents for electronic archiving were developed and implemented. Selected documentation was eArchived according to the OAIS (Open Archival Information System) standard, ISO 14721.

  • AstraZeneca

    2010 - 11

    Project Manager

    Project manager for two distinct objectives when closing down a pharmaceutical research unit belonging to a major global company having 900 employees and consultants:
    1. Procedures for awareness concerning knowledge retention as part of site closure in 2011. This included education of all employees to identify and secure records in their custody as well as mitigation of inconsistent archives and records management practices. Also, it was required to ensure that records on litigation hold were being managed appropriately, that company assets were not lost and exploited by others outside the company and that sensitive information was not shared with the public domain.
    2. Complete transfer of archival material from the Central Archive to another geographical location within a given timeframe while adhering to routines for external storage of archival material including development and implementation of procedures for full traceability of transferred records. This task also included transfer of selected information to a production facility while being regulatory compliant as agreed in relevant service level agreements, GLP operation and control as well as disposal according to agreed procedures and guidelines.

  • AstraZeneca

    2008 - 11

    Project Manager

    Project manager with financial responsibility for an implementation of a global LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) in a project having a total budget of >5 MUSD. The project’s objective was to deploy a single version and configuration (thus enabling a common way of working) of LIMS to multiple sites world-wide according to GLP and Part 11 guidelines including decommission existing LIMS. The chosen tool was a highly specialized protocol-driven system specifically designed to support bio analytical studies. Project included development of user requirements for the new LIMS solution, establishment of necessary agreements (e.g. SLA) for future services, harmonization and implementation of LIMS study processes, SOP’s and policies across site boundaries, full computer system validation, training of super users and users on the new solution and finally a handover of LIMS solution to the service organization including a working governance model. About 25 project members including local teams in Sweden, UK and US.

  • Gambro

    2008 - 08

    Quality Specialist and Advisor

    Quality improvement tasks in hardware requirements according to GDP guidelines. Specialist / advisory resource role in a big customer controlled program with objective to perform hardware requirement analysis and enhance testing quality procedures on one of the customer’s key products, a dialysis machine for emergency treatment and therapy that is marketed globally.

  • E.On

    2008 - 08

    Quality Specialist and Advisor

    Assignment to stimulate thinking around processes for document and information management within a dominating EU based power industry company.

  • Tetra Pak

    2007 - 08

    Quality Specialist and Advisor

    Quality Specialist and Advisor and Workshop Facilitator in an extremely high-paced project with the objective to investigate, document and propose solutions that would tackle known quality and financial problems due to high figures of customer claims and waste in production environments. The project ran on schedule, including visits for interviews and workshops at production plants both in Europe and Mexico. The outcome was very successful and resulted in a decision from the organizational steering group to start a new program initiative to remedy the problems according to the presented results.

  • Gambro

    2007 - 07

    Quality Specialist and Advisor

    Quality improvement in hardware requirements according to GDP (Good Documentation Practice) guidelines. Specialist / advisory resource role in a big customer controlled project with objective to perform hardware requirement analysis and enhance testing quality procedures on one of the customer’s key products, a dialysis machine for emergency treatment and therapy that is marketed globally. Until recently, the dialysis machine has been developed and manufactured abroad. When R&D and production moved home, it was vital to rapidly enhance and adapt quality in development, testing, validation and production procedures in accordance with GxP and organizational standards.

  • Gambro

    2006 - 07

    Project Manager

    Software validation project according to GAMP4 guidelines. Project Manager for a team of 5 software and quality experts performing full IQ, OQ and PQ validation of the customer’s key production system as a preparation for an upcoming FDA inspection in May 2007. The production system is a custom-built suite of applications developed outside the customer’s facilities. The validation was performed successfully on time and budget. The outcome was later targeted for inspection during an FDA audit and passed without findings.

  • Euroflorist

    2006 - 06

    Project Manager

    Technology transition project for an international B2C (Business To Customer) and B2R (Business To Retailer) web site selling flowers on the Internet in 8 European countries. The existing web page layout and site organization was kept intact, but the whole solution was migrated to another CM system while introducing several technological enhancements and new features. The project was high paced with a hard deadline and involved several external partners and providers. Role as Project Manager with administrative and financial responsibilities. 3-4 in-house project members (software developer and others with technical skills) and client representatives.

  • SL, SJ and other public transport organizations

    2005 - 06

    Program & Project Manager

    Customer service solution project focusing on processes and development of an intranet / internet solution to fit requirements for use in the customer support organization. Role as Project Manager with full financial responsibility as well as expert in customer management processes. Team size was 6-8 specialists consisting of business analysts, CRM expertise, usability experts, software developers and testers. The project performed a selected implementation of a standard CS system including phases of scoping, definition, requirements management, development / adjustments of custom-built functionality, implementation, roll-out and training of about 50 users. The system was delivered on time and budget to the customer’s satisfaction.

  • Glocalnet

    2005 - 05

    Project Manager

    Business strategy project including implementation and documentation of customer claim processes. Role as Project Manager including full financial responsibility and expert in customer claims processes. Small but highly skilled team of 3-4 specialists in business analysis and documentation. The customer (a nationwide telecom provider in Stockholm, Sweden) had had a rapid and very successful growth in business over the past two years. Internal procedures for customer claims had been unintentionally neglected due to the extreme expansion and growth rate. This created a great need to gather and organize internal knowledge around products and customer management to produce and implement a whole new set of procedures and guidelines. The project was carried out in a very high pace and was initially focused on workshops on-site with customer employees. The project was delivered to satisfaction after implementation and training of the customer’s staff.

  • Skånetrafiken and other public transport organizations

    2005 - 05

    Program & Project Manager

    Analysis of customer service solution processes resulting in releases with improvements on an already existing platform for customer claim management. Project Manager (full financial responsibility) and expert in customer claims management. Responsible for requirement analysis and scoping of project. 5-6 software developers plus testers in the team. The project was delivered to satisfaction on time and budget.

  • Lunds kommun

    2004 - 05

    Project Manager

    Scoping, design, development and implementation of a public web site for Lunds kommun, Sweden. The existing site was replaced both on a technological and communicative / layout / graphic design level. The project involved the client’s representatives to a very high degree, especially in workshops during the initial scoping phase and later when the content was updated. Role as Project Manager with administrative and financial responsibilities. 4-6 in-house project members (usability experts, graphic designers, business consultants, software developer and testers) and many client representatives.

  • Skånetrafiken

    2003 - 05

    Program & Project Manager

    Long-term project developing and implementing major improvements on existing customer claims platform. In essence, this meant scoping, design, development and implementation of a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module. The project ran for two years with the overall objective to help rethink and implement the customer’s new and highly ambitioned management strategy. The customer (Skånetrafiken, a Travel and Transportation authority) needed a system to help the organization interact personally with their half a million travelers served yearly. The result was that an existing customer claims system evolved into a CRM application, integrated to both a customer web portal and mobile services. It allowed customers later to go into the web portal, sign up, and then take part in a personalized relationship with the organization. Held roles as Program and Project Manager with full financial responsibility as well as expert in customer claims management over several phases throughout the project. The team of 10-12 people (5-6 in average) came from in various disciplines ranging from business, usability, software technology and quality / testing. The project worked with tight customer interaction and in-sight producing many minor and some major releases on time and budget.

  • SJ

    2002 - 02

    Program & Project Manager

    Strategy and software development project including process analysis and implementation of customer claim processes using intranet / internet technology. Held the roles of Program and Project Manager with full financial responsibility as well as customer claims management specialist, primarily in workshops and process development activities. The project managed to scope, develop and implement a customized version of an existing customer claims support system that helped to dramatically improve the customer service, reducing handling time from 4-6 month to 1-2 weeks on a nationwide level. The system was a huge success and was delivered on time and budget to the customer’s satisfaction.

  • Skånetrafiken

    2000 - 02

    Program & Project Manager

    Several parallel and consecutive projects of similar nature involving scoping, design, development, implementation (including a number of major and minor releases) of a brand new customer claims solution using intranet / internet technology. Held the role of Program and Project Manager with full financial responsibility. The projects delivered the first and subsequent versions of a new customer claims support system that assisted the user in the customer service process. All customer complaints were registered and put into a database, categorized based on type, directed to the appropriate work group and either solved or escalated with or outside the organization. Call-center employees were able to track a complaint down to the relevant driver, creating full traceability through-out the process. The projects delivered several releases on time and budget.

  • Pergo

    2000 - 00

    Project Manager

    International B2C (Business To Customer), B2B (Business To Business) and B2R (Business To Retailer) project with objective to drive overall business growth by enabling consumers to find, research, decide, and purchase products and services anywhere on-line that they expect to find it. It entailed a complete overhaul of the existing web site, with specific content and community targeted towards consumers, retailers, distributors, endorsed installers and other business partners. The project was very aggressive, with tight timelines and an extensive list of desired features / functionality. Role as Project Manager for the European site with both administrative and technical responsibilities. Around 10 project members from both US and Sweden having mainly software developer and technical skills.

  • Wilnor

    1999 - 00

    Project Manager

    Big software project producing a state-of-the-art LIMS-application built on cutting-edge technology for a Finnish steel company. The solution included the development of a web-based and highly customized system addressing the customer’s demand for Internet/Intranet-enabled solutions. It consisted of a number of independent modules which could be configured to create a complete solution suiting the laboratory organization of a major steel producer.

  • Trafikkontoret GBG

    1998 - 99

    Project Manager

    Web application for registering and monitoring city parking information for use by Swedish municipalities (Malmö and Göteborg). Role as Project Manager as well as senior systems architect. The system was delivered on time and budget to the customer’s satisfaction.

  • Stifab Farex (later Swegon)

    1994 - 98

    Project Manager, System Architect & Developer

    Long duration project involving scoping, design, development and implementation (several major and minor releases) of an advanced LIMS-application suite for measuring, storing and analyzing data for reliable control of indoor climate systems. Role as Project Manager as well as system designer / developer. The system was delivered on time and budget to the customer’s satisfaction and was in use well into the 2010’s with only minor changes.

  • Digital Information AB

    1990 - 94

    Owner, Project Manager

    Privately owned company with three employees specializing in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) using CAD software from Intergraph and AutoCad. As owner I had to manage a wide array of tasks. Besides administrative and management duties, I focused on production improvement processes and development of sub-applications for the CAD systems that were used in production.

  • Scais AB / Petroscan AB

    1985 - 89

    Process engineer

    Company producing commercial satellite gravity studies for the petroleum exploration industry. The core product was a remote-sensing method utilizing satellite radar altimeter data for the mapping of the marine geoid. The result was primarily used by international oil companies for the exploration of oil and gas. Worked in projects as responsible for data filtering / analyzing and producing prospecting maps of offshore oil and gas field. We used mainframe technology of the day from Digital Equipment and graphical software from UNIRAS enabling us to produce a wide variety of graphical images, including 3D visualization models.


  • - Databashanterare

    MSSQL Server Integration Services, Oracle, MS Access, MS SQL-server, SQL server

  • - Affärssystem

    Documentum, Movex, SAP

  • - Modulkunskap affärssystem

    PA/Human Resource, Projektredovisning/Projektstyrning, SAP

  • - Verktyg & Middleware

    ABC Flowcharter, Adobe Photoshop, Episerver, MS Exchange, MS Sharepoint, MS Visual Source Safe, MSMQ, Netscape, QlikView, Rational Rose, Sharepoint, SharePoint 2013, Subversion, Visual Studio .NET, MS Explorer, MS Project, MS Visual Studio, Visio, MS Office

  • - Utvecklingsspråk

    C, Fortran 77, HTML5, Pascal, SQL, HTML, UML, Visual Basic

  • - Hårdvara

    VAX, PC

  • - Standarder

    ISO 27001/27002, SOX, GAMP, GMP, GxP, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, 21 CFR Part 11

  • - Verksamhetsutveckling och Strategi

    Affärsutveckling, Business restructuring, ERP Implementation, Förändringsledning, ISO 15288, ISO 25010, Ledarskap, rekrytering, personalutveckling, Metodstöd, Omvärldsanalys, Supply chain management, Verksamhetsmodellering, Verksamhetsstyrning, Verksamhetsutveckling allmänt, Affärs och IT strategi, Change Management, Kravmodellering, Order- och leveransflöden, Organisationsutveckling, Processförvaltning, Processinförande, Processutveckling, Produktledning, Programledning, Verksamhetsanalys, Verksamhetsarkitektur, Compliance, Kravanalys, Medicinteknik, Projektledning, Utredning, Workshopledning

  • - Marknadsföring

    Digitalisering, Profilering & positionering

  • - Försäljning

    Anbudsförfarande, Avtal och Förhandling, Försäljning, Säljsupport

  • - IT-strategi

    CRM Project systems, IT-arkitektur - företagsnivå, Teknikutredning, Val av utvecklings- och produktionsmiljö

  • - Upphandling

    Beställarstöd, Inköp och förhandling, Leverantörsanalys, Offertutvärdering, Tillgänglighet, Kravformulering, Resurs i upphandlingsprocess

  • - Metoder & Processer

    KANBAN, LEAN, PEJL, PENG, PM3, PPS, TQM, Workflow management, BPM, ITIL, Processer och metoder allmänt, PROPS, RUP/UP, Agila metoder allmänt, Scrum

  • - Ledarskap

    Affärscoachning, Mentorskap, Operativ ledning, Organisationskultur och värdegrund, Psykologi, Kurs- och seminarieledare, Mentor, Ledarskap allmänt

  • - Projektfaser

    Drift, Projektering, Förstudie, Implementation, Införande och överlämning, Systemering/Design/Krav, Test, Utveckling/Genomförande

  • - Projektledning

    Portföljledning, Projektadministratör/assistent, Projektledning inom Supply Chain, Contract management, Infrastruktur och logistik, Teknisk projektledning, Administrativ delprojektledning, Administrativ huvudprojektledning, Agile project systems, Projektledning

  • - Kvalitetsstyrning

    Change Management, Configuration Management, Kvalitetscertifiering, Kvalitetsledning, Kvalitetssystem, Kvalitetssäkring/ Reliability engineering

  • - Test & Verifiering

    Typprov och certifiering, Acceptanstest, Acceptanstestledning, Funktionstestning, Strategisk testledning, Systemtestning, Testledning, Testprocessutveckling, Testutveckling, Tillgänglighet, Validering & Test - Hårdvara, Validering & Test - Mjukvara

  • - Fast datakommunikation

    Datakommunikation allmänt, Ethernet, LAN, TCP/IP, WAN

  • - Drift/Support/Service

    Användarsupport, Datadrift/övervakning, Drift/Support/Service allmänt, Installation/underhåll, Nätverksadministration

  • - IT-säkerhet


  • - Databaser

    Datalager, Datamodellering, Datawarehousing, Databasadministration, Databaser allmänt, Databaskonstruktion, DBA

  • - Systemtyper

    Beslutstöd- och BI-system, Data Warehouse, Ledningssystem, Objektorienterade system, Realtidssystem, Simulering, Stordatorsystem, Mjukvaruarkitektur - programnivå, Nätverk och kommunikation, Operativsystem och drivrutiner, Systemarkitektur - systemnivå, Systemförvaltning, Systemintegration, Systemtyper allmänt, Webb- och Internetbaserade system, Windowsapplikationer

  • - Tillämpningar

    Affärssystem, Billing-system, Finanssystem, Ledningssystem, SOA, CRM-system, e-handel, GIS, Ärendehanteringssystem

  • - Branscherfarenhet

    Elektronikindustri, Energi, Konsumentelektronik, Stat/kommun/Landsting, Teleoperatörer, Postorder/ e-handel, Resebranschen, Service/Tjänster, Tillverkare av Telekomutrustning, Transport/Spedition/Flyg, Verkstad och Automotive, Forskning och utveckling (FoU), Läkemedelsindustri, Medicinsk Teknik, Tillverkande Industri

  • - Utbildning

    Annan högskoleutbildning 4 år eller mer

  • - Roller

    Affärsutvecklare, Produktledare, Testare, Coach, Configuration Manager (CM), Databasadministratör, Driftstekniker, Enterprise Architecht, Förändringsledare, Grafisk designer, Kravanalytiker, Produktägare, programledare, Systemanalytiker, Systemförvaltare, Team-ledare, Testledare, Utvecklare/Programmerare, Delprojektledare, Facilitator, Huvudprojektledare, Utredare, Workshopledare

  • - Kommunikation & Information

    Sociala medier, Utbildningsmaterial, Engelska, Intranät, Presentationsteknik


  • 2014 -

    Owner / Project Manager, TMG AB

  • 2010 - 2013

    Project Manager, Altran

  • 2007 - 2010

    Project Manager, Consignit AB

  • 2002 - 2007

    Project Manager, T-Systems Nordic AB

  • 2000 - 2002

    Project Manager, Primix Sweden AB

  • 1998 - 2000

    Project Manager, Primant AB

  • 1994 - 1998

    Project Manager / System Architect / Developer, Stifab Farex (later Swegon)

  • 1990 - 1994

    Owner / Project Manager / Developer, Digital Information AB

  • 1987 - 1989

    Process Engineer, Petroscan AB

  • 1985 - 1987

    Process Engineer, Scais AB


  • 1979 - 83

    Biologlinjen, Lunds universitet

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