Björn Mellquist

  • Projektledare IT, Agila projekt
  • Scrum Master
  • Uppdragsledare


Björn är en erfaren ledare och resultatdriven projektledare med känsla för människor, processer och teknik.
Lång erfarenhet av mjukvaruutveckling och IT, både från stora och små organisationer, i en internationell miljö.

Björn har en gedigen teknisk bakgrund, brinner för att leda människor och jobbar gärna agilt med affärsvärde, teknik och människor i fokus.

Som person är Björn öppen, social, prestigelös och coachande, men även tydlig och modig.
En trevlig medarbetare som får saker gjort på ett professionellt och balanserat sätt.


Erfaren, professionell
Öppen, social och prestigelös
Bred tekniskt bakgrund

Konsultens CV

  • Spree

    2016 - 16

    Project Manager & Scrum Master

    Björn was assigned as Project Manager to start up a development project building a full-fledged business solution for roofing contractors, from scratch. The solution targeted a web based desktop and tablet application, as well as a native Android mobile app.
    Björn managed a pre-study to clarify business need and requirements, through use cases and wireframes. Björn was responsible for setting up the steering group and its structure, to form an agile development team and their way of working, and initially acted as Scrum Master for the first sprints in the project.

    Environment: Project management, Agile - Scrum, Steering group, Team management multiple sites, Visual Studio Team Services, Trello, UXPin wireframes, .NET, Java

  • Scania IT

    2014 - 15

    IT Project Manager & Scrum Master

    Björn was IT Project Manager and Scrum Master in a global roll-out project rolling out a complex IT solution to all Scania workshops in Europe, Brazil, Peru and Australia, in total around 1000 workshops in 20+ markets/countries. The business part of the rollout programme was divided into a separate project per market, while Björn’s team was created to serve them all in parallel.
    To succeed with this, Björn formed a cross functional team and created an agile SCRUM-based approach to coordinate all IT activities and integrations needed, with a clear focus on eliminating waste and adding business value. Björn acted Scrum Master in the team consisting of 9 persons in 3 countries.
    Before the IT roll-out team was established, the IT roll-out for one market took over one year, while Björn’s team finalized 8 markets in the first 9 months. At most, the team managed IT rollout activities in 19 markets in parallel.

    The project was one of the top priority projects in Scania IT, critical for the launch of the Next Generation Scania in Q3, 2016.

  • Scania IT

    2014 - 14

    IT Project Manager

    Björn was IT Project Manager for a pre-study investigating how to replace an outdated web platform used for 5 central information channels within Scania Product and Pre-sales. Björn delivered the pre-study report to the steering group and receiving organizations, on time and budget. The pre-study contained clarified business needs, alternative technical solutions including architectural descriptions and live UX mock-ups, and a suggested implementation project plan together with estimated resource needs and detailed cost estimates.

  • Scania IT

    2013 - 14

    IT Project Manager

    IT project manager, and later Main Project Manager, for an implementation project phasing out a mainframe based invoice solution in favour of connecting and adapting to a Scania common invoicing solution to support spare part invoicing from Scania warehouses worldwide.

    When entering the project, it had been running for over a year, and Björns role was to replace the previous IT sub-project manager and manage the implementation of an already agreed IT solution. The overall project, managed by a main project manager, had passed the analysis phase and entered the execution/implementation phase.

    It soon turned out that the business requirements had not been finalized. Some were unclear, and some even missing. This in turn made the technical requirements insufficient in some areas. After a few months of successful development in one end of the solution chain, and clarifying requirements in the other, management decided that Björn should take over the main project manager role.

    With direct access to the steering committee, Björn could raise the important questions to the right management levels.
    On his second steering committee meeting, the project was put on old and later closed. The main reason being that the non-functional requirements and even some of the functional requirements could not be met by the Scania common solution already targeted in the Project Assignment Directive.

    Even though the project in itself was a complete failure, it proves the importance of structured work and clear communication. The accumulated project costs were stopped at 6MSEK instead of a possibly much larger number.

  • Tele2

    2013 - 13

    Project Manager

    Project Manager during the project inception and procurement phase.
    Björn worked with detailing the requirements together with the Comviq online team and other stakeholders, and formed the product evaluation templates. Björn scanned the market and communicated with different vendors and coordinated demos and webinars, technical product evaluations, and planned proof of concept sessions with vendors and in-house resources.

    Björn was responsible for the budget and project plan, and worked closely with the steering group to detail scope, report status and financial follow-up, and to drive the decisions needed for progress. The project aimed to purchase a central platform for web and mobile API management, which would be used in multiple countries. Responsible for scope and requirements, product evaluations and vendor communication, product short listing, and proof of concepts.

  • Tele2

    2013 - 13

    Project Manager

    Project Manager for a project that enhanced and simplified the Customer Service support that led to lower costs and gained business value.

    Björn coordinated development between 3 internal maintenance teams, situated in Stockholm and Riga, as well as external system teams and customer service. By creating integrations with external systems, the amount of manual work performed by Customer Services personnel could be reduced.

  • Tele2

    2012 - 13

    Project Manager

    Project Manager running agile migration project, making sure the team successfully delivered on time. Björn was called in to help a line organization to structure the migration of the complete central integration platform. The line team had started off using a traditional project plan. After using the project plan for a month, all forecasts showed that the team would miss the hard deadline by 3 months, introducing more than 3 MSEK of extra costs.

    Björn then convinced the Steering Committee to introduce an agile, Scrum based, approach instead. By doing this the project more than doubled the project velocity, resulting in a successful migration of the complete integration platform well before the deadline. A task that had been deemed nearly impossible by the surrounding managers.

    By beating the deadline, the project avoided multi-million costs for double licenses. After the project, Björn was invited to do a presentation about the success story of using an agile approach. The presentation was held at an offsite department conference with over a hundred attendees.

    The Tele2 Integration Platform (TIP), including all production, pre-production and test environments, were moved to new servers and IP subnets. Over one hundred internal and external systems spread out in several countries, with hundreds of integration endpoints were integrated through the TIP platform. All endpoints, live in production, where migrated with a minimum of production downtime. The project was under tight time pressure since all endpoints needed to be shut down in the old TIP environment before end of April; otherwise, the company would need to pay for double production software licenses.

  • Tele2

    2012 - 13

    Project Manager

    Project Manager managing the creation and implementation of a new billing process for video on demand (VoD) for residential TV customers.

    Björns work included specifying technical requirements for change requests needed from different maintenance teams and coordinating the deliveries, like BI/DW, Content Billing Gateway, and the billing system Singl.eView. He personally handled the Solution Architect responsibility, creating the design and architecture documents and presented to the Solution Architecture Council (SAC).

    Björn worked closely with the technical departments implementing the solution, providing guidance around the technical details, and managed the test activities. He also managed all communication with the Steering Group, as well as the Product Manager stakeholders requesting the VoD integration.

    The VoD product introduced a new type of content purchase at Tele2, therefore the scope included new processes for customer service to manage the VoD product.

  • Tele2

    2012 - 12

    Technical Project Manager

    Technical project manager for a pre-study aiming at re-packaging all TV channels and packages provided to Tele2 residential customers and real estate owners. The pre-study analysed the need of changes in administrative systems and processes, produced estimates for costs and lead time and created the RfCs needed.

  • Tele2

    2010 - 11

    Project Manager

    Project Manager coordinating the work to replace several hundred BI reports, as part of a programme for replacing the entire existing DW.
    When the initiative started, new solutions for over 400 BI reports needed to be found. The BI reports were analysed with regards to requirements, in-data dependency and usage. In some cases BI requirements could be handled by the new DW, in some cases an interim solution was needed until the new DW could cover the BI report requirements, and in some cases an entirely new solution was needed for the BI requirements to be fulfilled when closing down the existing DW.

    The work included requirements and business analysis, specifying and following up on change requests towards new, or interim, BI solutions.

  • Tele2

    2010 - 12

    Project Manager

    Project Manager responsible for all project phases including requirements, purchase of suitable solution, implementation and transferring the project to receiving maintenance organization.

    Björn worked with requirements, both technical and business requirements, and managed the RFI and RFQ specifications and vendor communication during the purchase phase.
    During implementation and test, he coordinated all deliveries from maintenance teams and the vendor, and managed financial follow-up and reporting to steering group and stakeholders from 5 different countries.

    Björn also managed education and transfer to the maintenance organization in Riga. The goal of the project was to replace an existing BI/DW solution with a new purchased solution to implement support for the EU Data Retention directive. The project originated from the BI department since most ETL data originated from the DW built in SAS. A big effort was put into the requirements and format specifications of the in-data sources needed, as well as the reports extracted from the solution, and finding the best suited vendor for the technical solution.

    The project spanned over 2.5 years with a total budget of around 20 MSEK. All providers of publicly available electronic communications services or networks within EU, such as operators, are obliged to comply with the EU Data Retention Directive. The project procured an external solution for data retention and implemented it for five countries: Sweden, Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, and Austria.

  • Tele2

    2009 - 11

    Project Manager

    Project Manager for a project that procured and implemented a BI/DW solution for reconciliation and measurement of SMS traffic.
    Björn worked with RFI/FRQ requirements and managed the vendor communication during the procurement phase. During the remaining project phases he managed the project plan and budget, and coordinated implementation (HW team and DBAs) and test activities.

    Björn was responsible for all communication with the vendor and receiving country organizations. The solution served 7 countries with SMS measurement and statistics reports. The system is, among other things, used for reconciliation of SMS interworking traffic to correctly issue invoices and controlling cost, including MVNO traffic in the Tele2 networks. Nevertheless, all types of BI reports can be extracted in the solution, by aggregating in-data and creating cubes.


  • - Utvecklingsspråk

    Java, SQL

  • - Verksamhetsutveckling och Strategi


  • - Upphandling

    Inköp och förhandling, Leverantörsanalys, Resurs i upphandlingsprocess, Beställarstöd, Internationella tekniska upphandlingar, Kravformulering, Offertutvärdering

  • - Metoder & Processer

    Microsoft Solution Framework, Parprogrammering, RUP/UP, TDD - Test Driven Development, KANBAN, LEAN, Processer och metoder allmänt, Agila metoder allmänt, PPS, Scrum, XP (Extreme Programming)

  • - Projektfaser

    Drift, Förstudie, Implementation, Införande och överlämning, Produktionsinförande, Systemering/Design/Krav, Test, Utveckling/Genomförande

  • - Projektledning

    Teknisk projektledning, Agile project systems, Projektledning

  • - Test & Verifiering

    Testautomatisering, Testledning, Acceptanstestledning

  • - Branscherfarenhet

    Fordon, Teleoperatörer

  • - Roller

    Delprojektledare, Huvudprojektledare, Scrum master, Teknisk projektledare

  • - Kommunikation & Information



  • 2013 -

    Project manager consultant / Owner, Headfish AB

  • 2009 - 2013

    IT Project Manager, Tele2

  • 2005 - 2009

    Team Manager / Project Manager, Ikivo AB

  • 2001 - 2005

    Senior Software Developer / Team Leader, Zoomon Mobile Solutions

  • 1999 - 2001

    Software Engineer, Iquity Systems Inc (GratisTel)

  • 1997 - 1999

    Systems Analyst, Industri-Matematik International


  • 1994 - 97

    M.Sc. Computer Science, Linköping Tekniska Högskola

  • 1992 - 94

    B.Sc. Electrical engineering, Uppsala Tekniska Högskola

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