Andrea Trogen

  • Program and Project Manager


20 years of experience in leading multi-cultural global teams as project manager, line manager and department manager developed me into an open minded person with a situational leadership style. From my different positions I have acquired extensive technical understanding and deep experience in leadership, both from project and line view.


My main contribution is a holistic view, adaptive leadership and a solution oriented mindset. I believe in the importance of being perceptive and transparent in communication. I can characterize myself the type who doesn’t give up and always stays focused on the essentials in our task or delivery. I like high speed in execution, which encourages me rather than stresses me out.
Significant if you ask others is my good mood even when it’s a bit critical.

Konsultens CV

  • ESAB

    2017 -

    Project Manager

    Contracted as Project Manager at ESAB Standard Equipment. The organization operates in a global and multicultural environment. As project manager I was responsible for project execution from early requirement definition phase through launch phase.
    In addition the assignment contained team coaching as the organization is moving from traditional water fall product development towards more agile working methods.

  • Ericsson AB

    2012 - 16

    Department Manager

    Department manager responsible for development, delivery and maintenance of SW common functionality for EPG (Evolved Packet Gateway).
    Taking active part in the lean and agile transformation.
    It’s been a challenging journey and looking back I’m proud of what’s been achieved. Meeting customer expectations but also in the way it has been reached with strong engagement and commitment from all personnel involved.

  • Ericsson AB

    2009 - 11

    Line manager

    Responsible for a SW development section.

  • Ericsson AB

    2004 - 08

    Project Manager

    R&D project manager handling all functions from requirement handling, architecture, SW design, function and system test to customer documentation


  • - Operativsystem/plattformar

    Windows 7, Windows NT, Windows XP

  • - Modulkunskap affärssystem


  • - Verktyg & Middleware

    Clearcase, Focal Point, Jira, ClearQuest, MS Office, MS Project, Office 365

  • - Standarder


  • - Verksamhetsutveckling och Strategi

    Kravanalys, Change Management, Förändringsledning, Organisationsutveckling, Processförvaltning, Processinförande, Processutveckling, Verksamhetsstyrning, Verksamhetsutveckling allmänt, Workshopledning, Ledarskap, rekrytering, personalutveckling, Programledning, Projektledning

  • - Metoder & Processer

    Lean Six Sigma, Parprogrammering, KANBAN, Processer och metoder allmänt, Processkartläggning, Workflow management, Agila metoder allmänt, Continious Delivery, Continuous Integration, LEAN, Scrum

  • - Ledarskap

    Organisationskultur och värdegrund, Chefscoaching, Det coachande ledarskapet, Mentor, Ledarskap allmänt, Operativ ledning, Rekrytering & Personalutveckling

  • - Projektfaser

    Förstudie, Implementation, Införande och överlämning, Systemering/Design/Krav, Test, Utveckling/Genomförande

  • - Projektledning

    Hansoft, Administrativ delprojektledning, Administrativ huvudprojektledning, Teknisk projektledning, Agile project systems, Projektledning

  • - Kvalitetsstyrning

    Change Management, Kvalitetsledning, Kvalitetssystem, Kvalitetssäkring/ Reliability engineering

  • - Test & Verifiering

    Acceptanstest, Acceptanstestledning, Systemtestning, Funktionstestning, Integrationstest, Strategisk testledning, Testledning

  • - Mobila Telesystem

    Basstation, GPRS, GSM, LTE, Mobilsystem allmänt, RNC, WCDMA (3G)

  • - Systemtyper

    Inbyggda system, Mjukvaruarkitektur - programnivå, Mobila telesystem, Nätverk och kommunikation, Objektorienterade system, Realtidssystem, Simulering, Systemintegration

  • - Tillämpningar

    Internet of Things

  • - Branscherfarenhet


  • - Utbildning

  • - Roller

    Designer, Kvalitetsansvarig, Testare, Lärare, Produktägare, programledare, Teknisk projektledare, Workshopledare, Coach, Delprojektledare, Facilitator, Förändringsledare, Huvudprojektledare, Produktledare, Scrum master, Team-ledare, Testledare

  • - Kommunikation & Information

    Intranät, Externkommunikation, Förändringskommunikation, Engelska, Internkommunikation



  • 2016 - 16

    Unconsious bias, Ericsson

  • 2015 - 15

    Leadership framework, Ericsson

  • 2015 - 15

    Software craftsmanship, Ericsson

  • 2012 - 12

    Scrum basic- the rational of scrun, Ericsson

  • 2012 - 12

    This is lean program, Ericsson

  • 2012 - 12

    Introduktion Agile och Scrun, Informator (Ericsson)

  • 2010 - 10

    Leadership program, Ericsson

  • 2010 - 10

    Faciliteringsprocessen, Lorensbergs organisationskonsult

  • 2009 - 09

    The skills of cross culture communication, Ericsson

  • 2006 - 06

    Mobile packet networks, STF ingenjörsutbildning

  • 2005 - 05

    Project Leadership training part 2, Ericsson

  • 2004 - 04

    Project Leadership training part 1, Ericsson

  • 1989 - 94

    Civ ing elektro, Chalmers

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