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I am a senior management consultant with more than 30 years of experience from several areas such as process development, business strategy development, organisation development, change and project management.
Areas of expertise are organizational design/redesign, competence management, knowledge management and change management. Ingemar have extensive experience from design as well as implementation within these areas.
I have experience from industry as well as the public sector and has participated in several projects within the automotive area.
My strengths lies within his broad experience and ability to facilitate and to collaborate in small and big teams.


I have the ability to quickly understand the customers operations, analyze problems/opportunities and present a way forward. To achieve sustainable results I belive design of solutions must be realized in a joint effort with key stakeholders from the customer.
I'm known as a person delivering sustainable value to my customers.

Konsultens CV

  • Volvo Lastvagnar AB

    2017 -

    Management Consultant

    Price management.
    Development and implementation of new price model for sales of new vehicles from the market company to dealers.
    Development of new authorization model for sales managers at Volvo owned dealers.

  • AB Volvo

    2015 - 17

    Project Manager

    Outsourcing and organization design/implementation.
    - Execution of core-non-core study in one department at AB Volvo creating decision body for organisational changes.
    - Negotiation and implementation of new host for those that remained at Volvo.
    - Procurement of new employer for Volvo employees to be outsourced.
    - Implementation of decided outsourcing i.e. transfer of employees, implementation of contract with the new employer.

  • AB Volvo

    2013 - 15

    Project Manager

    Development of Volvo Group University.
    I participated in the pre-study, the main development program with the objective to create a global corporate University for AB Volvo. I was part of the core team and member of steering committee. The development of Volvo Group University included everything from strategy, process development, orgnaisation and roles etc.

  • AB Volvo

    2013 - 13

    Project Manager

    Dashboard for CEO, AB Volvo
    Development of dashboard (KPI monitoring) for AB Volvos CEO, Olof Persson. I was responsible for the project for processes and governence.

  • AB Volvo

    2005 - 06

    Management Consultant

    F2B (Finance to Business )– implementation of new finance consolidating system.
    F2B was a global project for design and deployment of a new consolidating system, SAP BCS, for all units in AB Volvo.
    My role was advisor to the program management team regarding Program Management.
    I was meber of the steering committee meetings and attended GIB Finance meetings.

  • AB Volvo

    2005 - 05

    Management Consultant

    F2B (Finance to Business )– implementation of new finance consolidating system.
    The program had severe problems. I had an assignment to review the issues and propose actions to resolve the situation. The program got on track again!!

  • Luftfartsverket/Landvetter

    2003 - 03

    Project manager

    New organization end decision model
    Design and implementation of new organization and decision model for Luftfartsverket/Landvetter Airport. My role was project manager. A success for this project was to involve the union to participate in the design of the new organization.

  • Landstinget i Uppland

    2000 - 00


    Decrease cost for pharmaceuticals.
    The project created a new design for supply management of medcine and pharmaceuticals. The project was a joint effort by Uppsala Läns Landsting and Apoteksbolaget supported by a team from Frontec.

  • Landstinget i Uppland

    1999 - 99


    Design of new invoicing process for internal invoicing between departments at Uppsala Läns Landsting.
    Within three days we created a new process incl. roles and responsibilites.

  • Skatteverket

    1999 - 99


    Review and proposals for improvements regarding the process "Uttag av skatt".
    The was a joint project by Skatteverket and Kronofogdemyndigheten supported by a team from Frontec. Key stakeholder was Anitra Steen, generaldirektör Skatteverket.


  • - Verktyg & Middleware

    ABC Flowcharter, Adobe Photoshop, MS Exchange, MS Explorer, MS Project, MS Office, MS Sharepoint, Sharepoint, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Online

  • - Roller

    Inköpschef, Kommunikationscoach, Affärsutvecklare, Interimschef, Kommunikationsrådgivare, Kommunikationsstrateg, Omvärldsbevakare, Produktledare, Produktägare, Teknisk projektledare, Upphandlare, VD, Coach, Delprojektledare, Facilitator, Förändringsledare, Huvudprojektledare, Lärare, Organisations-och Processkonsult, programledare, Projektadministratör, Utbildningsledare, Workshopledare


  • 2015 - 2017

    Managementkonsult, Fortos Management Consulting AB

  • 2004 - 2015

    Managmentkonsult/Gruppchef, AB Volvo

  • 1999 - 2000

    VD, Frontec Transport och Inköp AB

  • 1992 - 2004

    Verksamhetskonsult, Frontec i Göteborg AB

  • 1990 - 1992

    Konsult, AU-System AB

  • 1987 - 1990

    Delägare, NordNet AB


  • 1976 - 82

    Industriell Ekonomi, Linköping

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