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Jacob Hedqvist

Software Developer

Jacob is a software developer who’s motivated by creating resilient and scalable cloud-based solutions. He has experience of this using micro-service architecture, geo-replication and Kubernetes in Azure.

Jacob is certified as a Azure Developer Associate by Microsoft.


  • Software Developer
  • Cloud Developer

Om Jacob

Jacob is hardworking, a fast learner and always trying to improve, learn new things and share his knowledge with others. He's a team player who can also work independently.

Jacobs CV

  • Visma Enterprise


    2022 -

    Jacob was part of a team that develop and support a HRM system that allows customers to handle accounting, salaries and integrations to other systems used by the customer. The system consists of one part with core functionality and one part that is customer specific. The day to day work consists of improving the accounting process in the core functionality and developing the customer specific functionality to their needs. The solution is mostly written in .Net Framework 4.8 while some modules have been updated to .Net 6. The system is hosted on prem or in AWS depending on customer agreement.
  • Tetra Pak


    2021 - 2022

    Jacob was part of a team that develop and support a solution that allows consumers to interact with different campaigns by scanning a QR code on e.g. a milk package. This is a single tenant backend solution that lives in Azure containing web services, function apps, SQL databases and CosmosDB etc. Because of having a single tenant solution, a lot of time goes to deploying and configuring tenants for new customers. To help with this, the team is also developing a solution that automates a lot of the work and makes It possible for non-developers to trigger new deployments. This solution has a microservice architecture using Docker and AKS. The services include triggering pipelines, updating services in Azure and adding/removing accounts from Azure AD groups. Rest APIs and RabbitMQ is used for communication between services.
  • Friends Of Executive

    Lead Developer

    2020 - 2021

    Jacob was the lead developer in creating a social networking app for a CEO network. The app is used by CEOs in the Friends Of Executive network enabling them to share their experiences, chat with other members and sign up for events and classes. The app has around 400 users and is continuously growing much due to the app. The app is available for iOS and Android. The backend solution was built using .Net Core 3.1 and was hosted in Azure. The mobile app was written in Xamarin.
  • DiabetesNinja


    2020 - 2020

    Jacob was part of a team developing a mobile app for children to help them learn about diabetes and help their parents monitoring their children’s blood sugar levels. The objective was to integrate the lunch menu from Swedish schools and a food database containing nutrition value of food with the ability to scan the barcode of groceries. The app has around 2000 users and is available for iOS and Android. The backend solution was written in .Net Core 3.1 and was hosted in Azure. The mobile app was written in Xamarin.
  • Doro


    2020 - 2020

    Jacob helped Doro find and solve issues in a corrupt SQL database containing data about their
    inspections of factories in China and the Czech Republic.
  • Securitas Europe


    2019 - 2021

    Jacob was part of a team developing and maintaining a backend solution for a mobile app for Securitas guards. The system is a link between Securitas on prem system and the mobile app,
    handling the guards shifts and different kind of messages such as alarms that is sent to the
    mobile app with SignalR and Notification Hub. The objective was to create an always available solution that can handle a growing number of users. This was achieved by exporting endpoints from a monolith API to Azure Function Apps and deploying all resources in two Azure regions, with the possibility to extend the number of regions, to make the solution highly available. Previously existing bottlenecks, such as the SQL server and Redis which weren’t configured to handle the number of users, was solved by using Azure App Configuration and Cosmos DB. Communication between services was done using REST APIs and Azure Service Bus. The solution was taken in production in December 2020 and has around 5000 users, expecting 20.000 within two years.
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Jacobs kompetensområden

  • Utvecklingsspråk

    C#, ASP.NET, NET Core, .NET Framework
  • Verktyg & Middleware

    MS Visual Studio, Visual Studio .NET, Azure, Azure DevOps
  • Metoder & Processer

    Continuous Integration, Continious Delivery
  • Kommunikation & Information

  • Operativsystem/plattformar

  • Verksamhetsutveckling och Strategi

    Cloud Computing

Jacobs anställningar

  • Consultant, Pulsen Integration

    2021 - 2022

  • In house Consultant, Stratiteq

    2019 - 2021

Jacobs utbildningar

  • Certified Azure Developer Associate, Microsoft

    2020 - 2020

  • Civilingenjör elektroteknik, Lunds Tekniska Högskola

    2013 - 2019

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