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Martin Asztely

Program and Project Manager

Large projects and programs often deliver less benefit than expected, are delivered late and are too expensive. Systems delivered are also rarely used as defined and large parts of these are rarely used. There are opportunities to evaluate benefits further and to tie these to the objectives of the projects. Solid planning and execution will secure that the capital investment made is worth the benefits of the solution. I'm known as a person really delivering these values while communicating with key stakeholders involved.


  • Program and Project Manager
  • Business & IT Developer


My main capabilities lies in analyzing, planning, executing and delivering change. It can be anything from a process change to building a new system or building something far more complex like the new Swedish ATM solution or an company acquisition. Therefore, I would say that project, program and portfolio management has been my focus. While several other areas within IT have been my responsibility throughout my career. As part of IT management teams in large global companies I have worked with:

• Project portfolio management and Business Relationship management
• Business and IT Strategy
• Business development and continues improvements
• Maintenance and Operations of services/systems including Life cycle management
• License and Assets management including sourcing and vendor management
• IT Security and Regulatory compliance
• Service and Support management
• Financial responsibility and metrics

Martins CV

  • Göteborg Energi

    Project Manager, CRM/ERP replacement

    2017 -

  • Stena Metall

    Project Manager, Company acquisition

    2016 - 2017

    Project manager for IT to integrate a company bought by Stena Recycling AB. The project covers everything from infrastructure to business rules, principles and processes as well as business/IT strategic decisions. Several software development components are part of the change and is managed as sub projects.
  • Mölnlycke Health Care AB

    Business Relationship Management Director

    2012 - 2016

    Business Relationship Management Director
    Managing the corporate IT Portfolio including all business functions and chairs the Board that prioritize resources for all these projects.
    Business Liaison, accountability for Project and Change delivery as well as performance of all IT Services provided.
  • Mölnlycke Health Care

    Local Site IT Director

    2012 - 2016

    Functional reporting of Local Site IT throughout Mölnlycke (global reach) including developing the business locally as well as all service desk locally
    Managing 20+ direct reports including Directors/Managers and 20+ indirect reports (dotted line) through functional management of Directors/Managers
  • Gap Gemini Consulting

    Management Consultant

    2009 - 2012

    Program Manager for the large ATM transition in Sweden when the large Swedish banks started a new company and handed over management of all cash to this company to decrease cost and increase services for all parties involved.
    Setting up an IT PMO in a large multinational company.
    Supporting a large multinational company with setting the IT Strategy that was confirmed with business executives
  • Volvo Cars Corporation

    PM. Program Director & Manager and PMO manager

    2002 - 2009

    Project Management Office Manager
    Delivery of all major IT projects. The program office engaged over 25 simultaneous projects. Increased quality of project delivery precision every year. Implementation of the project model in several other business function to improve delivery precision for other types of projects. Being part of the IT Management team.

    Program Director
    Acting as Sponsor for a large scale IT separation (divesture) program. The business benefit of the program was to enable the company to be able to operate stand alone. The program included 8 streams and over 50 projects. The assignment was to set up the operation of the program to ensure best practice was incorporated in the Program Management plan.

    Portfolio & Program manager
    Program manager for the total replacement of Production Purchasing and Non production purchasing systems, process and Account Payables. The Program manager role included coordination business benefits and governance of 3 different streams. The projects engaged over 100 persons.

    Project Manager, example of assignments
    Project Manager for a new Operational Development model development project. The project defined a new corporate operational development model for continuous improvements. The project defined a new organisational structure, clarified roles and responsibilities, key processes as well as governance structure. The model have continued to evolve and have become a corporate model including all business function and not only IT
  • Volvo Cars Corporation AB

    IT Maintenance and Operations manager

    2002 - 2005

    Life cycle planning of all system covering Purchasing and Planning. Including assets management and life cycle planning

    Software Asset Manager for Computational Dynamics software
  • Silicon Graphics Inc.

    Manager & Project Manager

    2000 - 2002

    Project Manager and Manager of Professional Services & Sales Engineering, SGI Sweden which included all Project managers.
    Member of the Swedish SGI Management team
    Consultant, Project Management and Process Development
  • Engineering consulting

    Fluid And Thermal Analyst & Team leader

    1992 - 1999

    1997 - 1999, Prosolvia Research & Technology AB
    Team leader of the group and Project manager for most of the projects the team performed.
    Fluid- and Thermal Analyst, Dept. of Mechanical Analysis and Fluid Dynamics

    1997, Caran Dynamics AB (Caran AB acquired Dynomar AB in 1996)
    Project manager for most of the projects the team performed.
    Fluid- and Thermal Analyst, Dept. of Mechanical Analysis, Div. of Fluid Dynamics
    Member of the management team of the Mechanical Analysis Dep.

    1992 – 1996 Dynomar AB
    Motion Dynamics Analyst, Fluid Dynamics and Thermal Analyst.

Martins kompetensområden

  • Projektledning

    Administrativ huvudprojektledning, Projektadministratör/assistent, Kommersiell projektledning, Infrastruktur och logistik, Contract management, Administrativ delprojektledning, Event Management, Projektledning, Inköp, Innovationsledning, Effekt- och nyttohemtagning, Portföljledning, EVM, Project auditing
  • Kvalitetsstyrning

    Kvalitetsledning, Change Management, Dokumentation
  • Metoder & Processer

    Processer och metoder allmänt, ITIL, Lean Six Sigma, Prince2, Lean-baserad processmetodik
  • Verksamhetsutveckling och Strategi

    Verksamhetsutveckling allmänt, Organisationsutveckling, Strategisk planering, Verksamhetsstyrning, Processutveckling, Affärsutveckling, Workshopledning, Utredning, Processinförande, Verksamhetsanalys, Verksamhetsmodellering, Ledarskap, rekrytering, personalutveckling, Projektrevision, Metodstöd, Utbildning, Verksamhetsarkitektur, Förändringsledning, Affärsplattformar_Affärsmodeller., Projektledning, Affärs och IT strategi, Affärsplanering, Programledning, Processförvaltning, Change Management
  • Ledarskap

    Ledarskap allmänt, Affärscoachning, Operativ ledning, Kansli och administrativ chef, Grupprocesser, Interimsledning
  • Branscherfarenhet

    Fordon, Medicinsk Teknik, Verkstad och Automotive
  • Upphandling

    Leverantörsanalys, Offertutvärdering, Resurs i upphandlingsprocess
  • Projektfaser

    Förstudie, Projektering, Implementation, Införande och överlämning
  • Utbildning

    civ.ing, MBA, Annan högskoleutbildning 4 år eller mer, Annan högskoleutbildning 3 år, Annan högskoleutbildning 2 år, Annan högskoleutbildning 1 år, Workshopledning
  • Roller

    Team-ledare, Delprojektledare, Huvudprojektledare, Upphandlare, Affärsutvecklare, Workshopledare, Organisations-och Processkonsult, Projektadministratör, Förändringsledare, Interimschef, programledare, Facilitator, Riskansvarig, Teknisk projektledare

Martins anställningar

  • IT Director, Mölnlycke Health Care

    2012 - 2016

  • Management Consultant, Cap Gemini Consulting

    2009 - 2012

  • From PM to Program Director & PMO manager, Volvo Cars Corporation

    2002 - 2009

  • Manager Professional Services and PM, Silicon Graphics Inc.

    2000 - 2002

  • Team Leader & Engineer, Prosolvia Research & Technology AB

    1997 - 2000

  • Project Manager and Engineer, Caran Dynamics AB & Dynomar AB

    1992 - 1997

Martins utbildningar

  • ITIL and TOGAF Foundation, Axelos and Biner

    2014 - 2015

  • Certified PMP, PMI

    2008 - 2008

  • Professional training, Different Training academies

    1998 - 2015

  • Post graduate courses, Civil Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology

    1992 - 1997

  • Master of Science, Civil Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology

    1986 - 1991

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